RBM of Atlanta-North Mercedes-Benz Deploys RFID Service Drive Concierge

(Roswell, GA. – August 26, 2008) – M2M Communications, a collaboration between MyDealerLot and Electronic Inventory Solutions (EIS), announces that it has deployed a new customer service application, Service Drive Concierge (SDC) at RBM of Atlanta - North. Designed for the needs of the automotive dealership, SDC is an easily implemented, low-cost tool that enriches the customer experience and enhances customer retention.

“RBM has taken the leading step in customer service excellence using Service Drive Concierge (SDC) and RFID to manage the service customer arrival and checkout process. SDC provides dealerships with plasma monitors that automate customer reception, loaner management, process measurement, and even automated assurance that the customer’s vehicle has passed through the car wash.” said George Cresto, President MyDealerLot & Co-Founder M2M Communications.

“From a deployment standpoint, SDC is simple to use and can generally be operational within a matter of days. It’s designed to touch everyone in the dealership for the benefit of the customer and internal operations providing a wealth of value from day one.” said Darryl Hubbard, President Electronic Inventory Solutions & Co-Founder M2M Communications.

“SDC is a great product that provides an immediate ‘wow’ factor for customers and speeds arrival and exit saving our customers time. It’s perfect for any dealership that wants to improve customer service for a low cost. In addition, with automated SDC notifications, salespeople now have additional opportunity to ‘touch’ their customers and further enhance the customer relationship.” said Randy Powell, General Manager, RBM of Atlanta-North.
Service Drive Concierge is available today.


About MyDealerLot
MyDealerLot provides innovative real time RFID / RTLS based inventory management solutions for automotive dealers, auctions, and yard management organizations. MyDealerLot’s RTLS (Real Time Location System) provides an ‘always-on’ instant physical vehicle inventory. MyDealerLot also assists dealerships in service drive management, key tracking, and floor plan auditing. Visit www.mydealerlot.com or call 1-888-MDL-RFID (1-888-635-7343) for more information.

About Electronic Inventory Solutions (EIS)
Founded in 2003, Electronic Inventory Solutions, Inc. (EIS) is an IT solutions company providing item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) systems to high value markets. EIS designs and manufacture hardware, develops software and integrates RFID components to provide complete end-to-end high-value solutions. Visit www.rfid-sys.com or call 877-486-3272 for more information.

About RBM of Atlanta
RBM of Atlanta has been Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Connection since 1964. We are one of the oldest and largest Mercedes-Benz dealers in the Southeast. When customers come to RBM, they discover a “family” environment that can’t be found anywhere else. That family feeling extends from our management to our employees to the customer, and it keeps RBM employees as well as RBM customers loyal for many years. RBM of Atlanta-North brings all of these attributes to a 2nd location serving the North Atlanta area.


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