Avery Denison and Electronic Inventory Solutions Deliver Security and Inventory Management RFID System to Santa Fe Optical

Retail supplier of designer eyewear reports dramatic decrease in theft from store; set to implement inventory management features

Framingham, MaAugust 25, 2008 – Avery Dennison’s (NYSE: AVY) Printer Systems Division reported today that its Carrollton, TX partner Electronic Inventory Solutions (EIS) has successfully deployed a RFID technology based security and inventory management system at Santa Fe Optical in Austin, Texas. The system utilizes pre-programmed, custom RFID tags from Avery Dennison and hardware and software components from EIS.  Doctor Bob Ross, owner of Santa Fe Optical, reports that as a result of the installation, “shrink” at the store has all but disappeared.

When Santa Fe Optical opened its third location in Austin, Dr. Ross quickly noticed a disturbing trend of theft of designer eyeglass frames. He needed a solution that didn’t involve “locking up” the valuable inventory because customers trying on frames, often leads to a purchase.  “The Electronic Inventory Solutions system, which is designed specifically for specialty retail stores like mine, offered the promise of security while still allowing customers the ability to easily touch and try on different frames,” said Dr. Ross.

Most “security” tags are large and bulky.  “The specially designed Avery Dennison tags are placed in a non-invasive way on the frames. We get the full benefits of security while still allowing the customers to freely interact with the merchandise,” added Dr. Ross.  He reports that his shoplifting problem, which previously had resulted in losses of up to $5,000 per incident, has virtually disappeared. “We have not lost a single frame in months, nor have we experienced the false alarms that plague some systems used at ‘big retailers.’  The Avery Dennison RFID labels are virtually 100% reliable.”

Darryl Hubbard, president of EIS, says that Dr. Ross is ready to take another step toward realizing the full benefits of his system.  “The beauty of the EIS system, using RFID technology, is that in addition to providing an extremely effective deterrent to shoplifting, the RFID tags on the merchandise make it very easy to quickly perform a physical inventory, with great accuracy.  With the addition of the EIS handheld RFID reader, Santa Fe Optical will be able to take inventory in less than 20% of the time, and with greater accuracy.  This will allow the company to use less labor, but more importantly to take inventory far more often, with improved product mix and sales as a result. Santa Fe Optical is a great example of our mission to supply specialty retailers with ‘real world’ solutions to their security and inventory management issues- solutions that really work, and provide a rapid payback on a modest investment.”


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