EIS has identified two complimentary products for retailers: A portal security system and a handheld fast audit system. These products can be deployed individually or as an integrated solution.

The EIS portal system is an advanced security system that compares tagged items leaving your store with your POS. If an item has not been processed an alarm sounds. Unlike monochromatic tags presently on the market which are not tied to an individual item, EIS deploys smart tags imbedded with item level information that is uniquely associated to an individual item allowing EIS to give you asset visibility not previously available.

EIS’s handheld audit system is a total solution, unlike other major handheld manufacturers EIS’s handheld comes complete with software that can be easily integrated with your present inventory management systems.Our lightweight (1.2Lbs) handheld is designed to be user friendly with an intuitive software interface.This allows your employees to perform an item level inventory of your store in a small fraction of the time required for outdated barcode or manual inventory. EIS’s solution reduces your inventory labor cost while improving asset visibility.Your inventory data is stored electronically and can be accessed through a stand-alone EIS application or through integration with an existinginventory application.


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