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The EIS FastAudit™ system allows employees to use a hand-held reader to scan the entire inventory of a store in a small fraction of the time required for a manual inventory. The inventory data is stored electronically and can be accessed through a stand-alone RFID inventory management sytem or integrated into a legacy management information platform. RFID for retail is an explosive growth market as RFID passive tag prices have declined and read rates have improved dramatically. This provides a tremendous opportunity for retailers to deploy a substantially improved method for inventory management and control.

EIS has embraced the specialty retailer market and currently provides RFID inventory management solutions for three core industry verticals:

  1. Eyeglass retailers

  2. Jewelry retailers

  3. Pawn shops

  4. Liquor Stores

EIS provides two complementary products for retailers: A portal security system and a handheld fast audit system. These products can be deployed individually or as an integrated solution.

The portal system is a straightforward security system that sounds an alarm if the RFID tagged items are taken from the store without tag deactivation.
EIS application or through integration with an existing inventory application.


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