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  Implementing RFID for Jewelry Inventory

The RFID multi scanning devise was first designed in 2005 by a jeweler in the Middle East. It has saved jewelers thousands of dollars in loss of revenue through both theft and misplacement of jewelry. It offers quicker efficiency and speed for the customer and for the jewelry store manager. Implementing RFID for jewelry inventory shortens the time to take inventory by 60 to 70%, thus producing a more safe secure environment for both customers and employees.

There are 4 types of RFID scanning configurations. They are designed for both the jewelry store and warehouse. They are:

  1. The RFID Handheld System

    This PDA applicator is used in combination with a RFID CF reader and has a specially designed antenna that is waved over the jewelry as it is purchased by a customer. The RFID tag attached to the jewelry contains information that is stored in the computer when scanned before it comes out of the safe room and is placed in the jewelry display cases.

  2. The RFID Tunnel

    The RFID Tunnel is primarily used to scan loose stones, mainly diamonds.
    Thousands of gems can be scanned at once offering speed and ease of scanning. As stones are placed in special envelopes, tagged and labeled with pertinent information about the stones, they are read by the MTR unit and the data is stored in the computer software system. It takes only 2 seconds to read 100 envelopes.

  3. RFID Wholesale Tray

    The wholesale trays are mainly used in wholesale businesses. After removing trays of jewelry from the safe room, they are scanned in multiples of 50 to 100 pieces of jewelry at a time, saving employees valuable time. The information is stored in the computer software system, and at the end of the day the trays are scanned again before storing them back in the safe room.

  4. RFID Smart Shelf

    This RFID smart shelf scanner is placed inside display cases in jewelry stores. Tracking takes place as a customer requests to see a piece of jewelry. With use of software like the Enterprise Jewelry Software, reports are sent through the scanner and stored in the software on the computer. The system alerts the manager if a piece of jewelry is missing or stolen.

Many jewelry companies all over the world are inquiring about implementing RFID for jewelry inventory. The RFID scanning system is far more efficient than the traditional bar code system. Lost jewelry is more apt to be found as the system is used both inside and outside the store because of the special tags that are placed on each piece of jewelry and the scanning that has taken place at the beginning of each day. This smart tracking system drastically cuts costs for jewelry stores and wholesale businesses. Implementing RFID for jewelry inventory requires an initial investment but saves money in the long run. With many designs available, the needs of each individual business are met, giving peace of mind and freedom from worry to all.


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